Monday, March 28, 2011

How we got started......Skittles

Your prolly wondering how a delicious treat like Skittles has any thing to do with us and how we got started. Its more of a connection that we made over them...and a movie.
A movie that I went to go see with a group of friends at Edwards while Josh was at work. And right when it started getting good.....out the power went. So we got refunds and planned to go again and re-see it all together. Well I had to work so the group went with out me. So Josh took me to see it. (ya know the whole thing...all at once.) and there was this part where this man has his bag taken and then stomped on. And he screams "Hey! There are skittles in there!" And we laughed so hard and we quoted the movie over and over. 
So then when I ever I saw skittles I thought of Josh and our movie date. So I would send him skittle pictures from my phone and say. "Hey there are Skittles in there!" in the message. Just to make him laugh. Every one else got tired of it. But it was our joke.
So one day I'm actually eating skittles and I get a mishapen one. So I take a picture and send it to Josh saying its the Skittle son the skittle family doesn't want to talk about. 
And that's part of how our friendship grew. And eventually grew into Love. I think anyway. 

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