Monday, December 19, 2011

The Giggly Giggles.

Saturday night Josh and I are at my parent's house about to leave. So we gather to say a quick family prayer before we take off. Adam had been watching a clip from Mulan 2 and had been giggling the whooole night. (Like he was laughing pretty hard.) Duringthe prayer, I hear Adam start to chortle and snort and giggle out loud. So I totally open my eyes to watch. (Sshh... Don't tell) Then he says to himself. "Oh. Ah! Oopps!...sorry." and then stops and is quiet. Then it was me that had a hard time not laughing....All the while Dad is trying to finish the prayer.

I now bring you The Adam Chronicles.

So. I have a Brother named Adam. He is my Only brother. He is pretty Epic I gotta say. He is Autistic and is the only boy in a family of 6 and 1 of 2 Autistic siblings. I have written a little about him and my encounters and adventures with him. He is one of the sweetest and loving people I know. Adam has the ability to make me smile and contemplate my path in life all in one moment. He is silly, caring, warm and engaging . The way it is with people and Adam is either they totally accept Adam and his abilities and personality flaws or lack there of.
Or... they don't..... They can't adjust to his disabilities and only see him as such. It really is Black and White like that. They all filter themselves out that way and I only see the results. Through him I get to see people as they truly are and I get to see the world differently.

So...that being said. I introduce to you "The Adam Chronicles." I'm going to share and keep record of my experiences with him. Adam doesn't really know I'm doing this. Not that its a secret. It's just that he likes Facebook and You tube and Everyone's Favorite couple can't really compete. Unfortunately. But we still try.

So today we went over for a Sunday visit and Adam wanted a clean up on his hair cut. But as you might have read on a past post about Adam the clippers my mom used to have....didn't really cut it..(haha see what I did there?) So I just used hair scissors for the whole thing. And I told him "Get your garbage dress hon." and he couldn't find it. So he asked me to help him make a new one and I did.

As well as took pictahs!!

 Before just a plain garbage bag.
 I tried to get him to make a questionable face. Like a "I'm not to sure about this?" Type look but it didn't work out to well.

 You can't really see it but there is only a slight cut for his head and arms. It's a lot different than the one he made. I'm not as fun as he is. It's ok. I know it. The next one is of him trying to squeeze through again. I guess he has a bigger noggin that I thought because I was sure to make a good size hole....

Ah success he squeezed through ok.

Before this I had Adam stick his head under the faucet to get his hair wet and so I just turn it on and head out to find the scissors next thing I hear is Adam making these noises so I go back into the bathroom to see what's up and the water he has his head in is Antartica temperature and he is making this hooting sound and brrr noises. "Ohmygosh Adam I'm so sorry." I turn on the warm side and say. "let it heat up a little." Because that sink takes a while to get even warmish. So after a while I come back again and Adams saying "Ahhh. Ohh AHH!"  and he's still in the same position. Hunched over the sink. I stick my hand in the water and now its hot like lava. So I try to mix the two and its either Ice Tundra or Nuclear Reactor. So I try to use my hand to quickly get his head warm and hair wet. Poor kid. Nothing goes right when we try to cut his hair.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Big news for the Fleshmans.

We're Moving  or well...that is... Josh is moving...I'm staying here. :/

To Arizona! 

Josh got into a school down there and he reports for orientation Jan 15th!