Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our 1st Valentines Date as a Married Couple.

February 14th 2011 was our first Valentines Day as a married couple and as our 1st Valentines Date it was special to us. So we wanted to go to our favorite restaurant. Texas Roadhouse.(!!!) We called ahead for a time and thank goodness we did because even with call ahead it was an hour and 50 minutes wait. So we arrive. We follow the waitress. We sit down. (All pretty normal so far? Keep reading.) So then Josh excuses himself to use the restroom... The next thing I know. I see Josh come around the corner. Almost knocking down a waitress and he has this kid in a candy store look on his face. So of course I'm intrigued.  And he says the word... Baby. It's not really the word it self. It's the WAY it is said. It's been a key word in our marriage that goes beyond endearment for us. It's at times said in a way that signals to us. Pay attention cause you BIGTIME wanna hear this. Or look look look! (This applies mostly to Penny. Or the occasional outfit publicly gone bad) But in a more covert fashion. It's a loaded word. Said in a loaded way. Like a delicious potato.  Now. That being said. Josh says THAT word in THAT way. So like I said. I'm intrigued. I think to myself... he just went to the bathroom... right?

If only i had baby... if only i had. 

My bladder is full to bursting so as politely as i can i say excuse me and hurry to the restroom.  Upon entering i notice nobody standing at the urinal so i shuffle in and handle my business.  As im finishing up a father comes in with his little girl.  She looks to be about 5 or 6 years old and she is potty dancing like a star.  Not entirely out of place so i pay no special attention to this.  He however points to the stall and says okay go ahead.  She throws the stall open like and enters so happy go lucky and disappears for a minute. Im at the sink now washing my hands and preparing for a night out with my wife and as im checking myself out in the know cause im danged handsome and i gots ta quality check...i see her come out.  I think to myself thats pretty quick for a girl, even one so young.  Her dad has the same idea and he asks "are you done?"

"No" she says like it's of no concern to anyone, "there's someone in there."

WHAAAAT! No Way! im thinkin to myself how was it so quiet if she bust in on somebody doing what goes down in the stalls.

At this point i stop a little, im interested and broke the number one rule of the mens room....i was staring.  
Her dad looks at the stall which still has the door thrown open for all to see, and says "what?"
The little girl says "i went in and there is somebody in there using the bathroom."

Im giggling a little bit now thinking that poor guy in the stall has gots to be fa-rea-king out about this girl just stepping in on him and about the look on his face when I see the DAD walk into the stall! To verify his daughters story!
Yes! the stall where some poor random dude was relaxing in his bastion of solitude when an impetulant little girl meanders in and out, followed closely by her DAD.
 He stops, finding that yes. There was "someone in there." Holds up his hand and says "sorry dude."  Then quietly as he entered he left the all too crowded stall with a shy smile and a its all good now.  He then decides only then though its probably a good idea to wait his turn for the stall.

So josh tells me this story. Then he stops dead and says. "That's him right there baby! That's him right there!" The stall victim is sitting at a booth behind us at the restaurant! He apparently was a BSU fan and had 3 long graying braids hanging down his back. So I turn to look at him and hear him say to his table mates.
"Well that could have gotten awkward real quick."
I don't know how that guy be living his life but that seemed pretty dang awkward to me!
just sayin.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I came home to! I Love this Holiday!

 It was a huge chocolate candy box! With a heart shaped out of the candies.
 The card he had waiting for me! It was a talking card that was hilarious! He also had a card he hand made in his communications class. I still need a pic of that one to put up.
Valentines date outfit! Yay! for red!