Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So we are jumping on the Blog wagon! lol (me so funny) C'mon your so excited. That's ok. Us to! (Alright. Me more than joshy.) but it's all ok!

 Today we went to go work out at the Idaho Athletic club by our place, (Josh worked out and lifted heavy things. I walked a little.)  As most of you know, it snowed a ton! All yesterday, through the night, and for a good part of today, it just dumped on us. We haven't had a snow like this for a long time. Well, on our way to the Gym there was a suburban driving in front of us. When she went to switch lanes, the snow that was piled up between them, shot out all the way to the sidewalk. Right into the surprised face of a bundled up lady carrying her groceries home. It was terrible, yet oddly hilarious.  ...and we wanted to share. With our friends and loved ones.

.....It fully almost knocked her straight over...Hahahahahahahaha i almost crashed cause i laughed so hard...than felt bad cause its cold wet and dirty.