Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Penny Lane Our furry baby from another's womb

Brand new baby
 All asleep n stuff! Ohh!

 She like to sleep in our sink
 And joshes drawers
And the bowl I was going to puke in. (!!!Bra alert whoops! Josh never puts his clothes away.)
So we saw this kitty when we were at PetSmart one day. Getting treats for my dog lucy. She had one orange leg and that made her far more awesome than any other regular kitten inside a glass box. (It is a pretty awesome leg I will admit.) It's attached to a pretty awesome kitten to as well. Well josh loves cats. Dogs to but cats he loves. (I think its cause he likes to snuggle lots, but he won't let me say that.) and we talked about this cat for lots after we left. He was always asking me if I would go get her. I would say things like "What? Your crazy! A cat?" Then he would say. "oh ok" all sad and stuff which would break my widdle heart. So for his birthday I went and bought him a little orange legged putty tat and put her in the bathroom and acted like I knew nothing trying to pretend I was a sleep. So he walked in to the bedroom and heard a little meow and he was like "Was that a cat? " so I say. "What? No. That's crazy." so then he believes me and starts taking his shoes off! I was like oh crap! He'll never find her! then she meowed again thank goodness! and he ran to the bathroom and found his new baby birthday present. She is so precious to us. (and Crazy!) and is so pretty! We love her lots!

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