Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial day!


Me: But I wanted to go to the water park with Josh and Nicole and cousin Mitch. 
Tummy: Haha.
Me: You can't be serious.
Tummy: There's only one water park you'll be visiting today. The kind that flushes! haha! Burn!!
Me: But we already had the bug. We got over it already.
Tummy: Does it look like your over me?
Me: But...Please?...
Tummy: It's twice as nice the second time.
Me: Is this because I ate pizza and cookies and watched Josh work out instead of joining him like I said I would?
Tummy: No. That would be why your fat. 
Me: . :o ...
Tummy: asked...
Me: This is really upsetting.
Tummy:  Oh I know. I'm upset to...see what I did there? haha. 
Me: very funny...what If I change my plans and drink Pepto every half hour?
Tummy: Nope.
Me: But I was really excited to go. Josh never has school off.
Tummy: I know right? That's what makes it soooo funny. I timed it puurfectly.

Hope your Memorial Day is better than ours!