Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh this brother I have. He's kinda Epic. I might have told you about him.

Adam had this thing with eyebrows. ...and toes and hair and mirrors ahem. Anyway.
He for a long time would get upset if you wiggled your eyebrows at him. Even if you weren't thinking about it. He hated it. Until recently that is. Now he thinks they are super funny and you can get him to laugh. I first noticed it with Josh. I saw Josh wiggling brow at him and told him "No. Adam hates that." He then told me he's been wiggling brows at Adam since he first met him and I was amazed. I wondered if it was because Josh has amazing Handsome Super Villain eyebrows or what?... Yeah.  That's probably why.
I asked Adam if he would wiggle his eyebrows for me because I couldn't remember ever seeing him do it before, and because if you let Josh do it we all get to, not to mention I haven't been able to wiggle these brows for years! Then add on the self-esteem issues I had wondering why my eyebrows were so offensive. So here's his go at it.
For some reason, Adam gets super serious and nervous when I tell him that he's being recorded. Sometimes he freezes but its sooo cute. You can see him try to hide from the camera.
Yeas that is my guffaw you hear off to the side. It's totally presh I know. ugh.
He then informs me he's over it. So we had to stop. 

Just like that. I might have overdone it with him but at least I got it on video and lucky for me he is very forgiving. Unless it's regarding eyebrows. lol