Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Everybody poops....Especially on Thanksgivng...

So when ever I think of Josh and I's first Thanksgiving as Man and Wife I think of this story.
Which is funny because Josh says it didn't happen on Thanksgiving. I could have sworn it was on Thanksgiving tho. Because Jeff and Samantha weren't there and they spent their first Thanksgiving with his family and then spent Christmas with us and Maria and Jared Spent Christmas in Utah and Thanksgiving with us. Josh says no that it happen after Jeff and Sammy's Boise Reception and that's why they weren't there. I've always told it as a Thanksgiving story and Josh always tries to correct me but this be hows I tells it.

Adam my beloved brother with Autism is very blunt. And doesn't always get kidding around and joking. He especially has a hard time taking a joke aimed in his honor. Especially from certain people. My brother in law Jared is one. Adam having grown up with all girls is not used to the way boys play around with each other. And Jared is a total dude. Get what I'm saying?

Another thing about Adam is his... um... potty breaks?
They are long or frequent and a lot of times both. A good amount of the time emergent as well. Any time we go out to eat it's never a surprise to see a suddenly dropped plate spinning in front of the seat Adam had been sitting in.

It's common for a lot of individuals with Autism to have Gastro Intestinal tract issues.

I call them Potty Problems.

Adam has this.

And he was having this... the night Jared and Josh where going out to bring things in from the car at my moms house. The main floor bathroom is right next to the side entrance door and is the busiest bathroom in the place. Adam had been its main occupant for a wee bit this night and when he came out. Jokester Jared says."Geeez Adam you stink!" (a phrase Adam himself has offendedly said many times to dad, the dog, barking spiders.)

But Adam was absolutely MORTIFIED.
He couldn't say anything.
He could only offer up embarrassed and offended noises of indignation.
He then went straight to Maria for words of comfort (and probably to tell on Jared.)
Maria then says to Adam. "Oh Adam, tell Jared every body poops."
Adam then pushes Josh out of his path while hoofing it to the side door Jared had just exited out of. Wild West kicks it open and screams at the top of his lungs out in to our quiet neighborhood culdesac.


........ then quietly comes back inside. Walks up the stairs to his room. Shuts his door. Starts watching a movie.

Having totally had permission from Maria and even been given the words to say. There wasn't really anything anyone could say to him. Plus it was absolutely hysterical.
We still laugh when Jared tells the story from the outside of the house. Suddenly hearing Adam kick open the door and giving him a piece of his mind and then hearing it echo down our street. I can't imagine what the neighbors thought when we moved in. It was a neighborhood containing mostly retired piano teachers and an elderly swimming instructor and 1 family with 2 quiet well behaved children. Oh goodness. I wonder what they think the story is behind Adams outburst.