Thursday, August 4, 2011


So yesterday was my pill day... In all reality everyday is a pill day for me. Which has been really the hardest thing  surprisingly. It hasn't been any of the pain or the limitations or the bad news all the time. In ways we've dealt with all that and still do. But it's those DANG PILLS! Remembering what to take and what not to take and when to take and when not to take and this doctor and that doctor and appointments and shots and IV's and UGH! So I have to take these pills one day every week. I've been upped to 8 pills every Tuesday....and they make me soooooo sick. Sometimes it is worse than others. Sometimes I'm barley bothered at all. But yesterday, pill day kicked me in the teeth, shoved me in the gutter and stole my wallet. It's hard to know what will set me off. Yesterday it was holding still. So weird. So at work it really worked out because it wasn't my day at the desk so I wasn't ever in a still position. Until I re-leaved the gal at the desk. Then oh man was it bad. I felt ship wrecked. So after work when I'm trying to sleep (and there fore holding still...) I got incredibly sick. So I requested and oncall day and was up until 3 o'clock hoping and praying and wishing....Which goes against all that I believe in because I believe that the more you want/need/pray for an oncall day. The less likely you are to get it. This theory has been proven many times. So I get the blessed call and Coma out until 3:45 this morning. When I wake up and realize Ive slept on Joshes side of the bed. (Yeah... we have sides) and I slept really good. So I get up to go to the bathroom and when I come back into the room I catch Josh moving over to his side of the bed. LOL! So I say "did you miss your side?" he nods.  Then tells me he "didn't sleep very well." I say "I did! Your side is comfortable!" He then says. "I tried to move you when you were sleeping but I didn't wanna break your arm or anything." LOL. I'm thinking "well thanks." I then tell him I might steal his side of the bed from him. He then pretends to cry. Because I not only woke him up to early that day but I stole his sleepin spot. I am now feeling way better and the sickness is over for now until next tuesday.
Hope you all have a good weekend!
~ Love the Fleshmans~

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