Sunday, September 4, 2011


It's Joshes Birthday today! He turned a whopping 24 years old. SO excited. He's catching up with me. (Kinda?) Only if I in turn didn't age along with him. Hmmmm..... I remember I was so scared when I was falling in love with a him. (a younger man.) Because I feel so old and tired and always like no one would want me. I thought who would wanna hold hands with grandma wifey all day? ( I need to add here though that If I could now. I would absolutley hold hands with either of my Grandma's. All day in fact.) But I wouldn't be married to her. So it's different.

But today sweety I am so glad age doesn't bother you. And only slightly startles others.
You are my world you are my everything you are my strength. My best friend and the only one to get me. Words can't describe the joy in my heart when I see your face. Or when I make you smile. I'm so glad we get to be Mommy and Dadddy to 2 beautiful kitties. I'm so lucky you are wanting and willing to take care of all of us, I am so Thankful for you and your Wonderful family. I've loved every moment we've shared together. I love that you love my family. And I'm really glad you love me to.

I Love You Darling. Happy Birthday.

XOXO Grandma Wifey

p.s. I'm really sorry about the shirt with no sleeve buttons. I will do better next year. Promise.

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